'Chuffed to bits': Nine-year-old Tobias Weller celebrates raising more than £150,000 for Sheffield charities

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A nine-year-old boy from Sheffield has raised more than £150,000 for local charities since lockdown began, 300 times more than his initial goal.

Tobias Weller, who has cerebral palsy, was only walking a few metres at the beginning of lockdown.

Since then he's been inspired to walk the distance of two marathons, raising money for his local school Paces, for children living with Cerebral Palsy, and Sheffield Children's hospital which helped to save his life.

Tobias has raised more than £150,000 for his favourite charities Credit: PA Images

"I am very proud to have raised so much money for my two favourite charities" Tobias explained as he handed over the cheque today (21 October), "£150,000 is a massive amount of money.

"I am so proud of my achievements and chuffed to bits that others can benefit from them."

Tobias was inspired after seeing Captain Tom Moore walking to raise money for the NHS.

He explained: "It started when I saw Captain Tom on the TV. I was inspired to use my walker and raise money just like him."

Tobias completing his challenge near his home in Sheffield Credit: PA Images

Tobias first walked the distance of a marathon despite his own personal challenges, before then taking on a second challenge using a Race Runner.

David Vernon-Edwards from The Children's Hospital Charity praised Tobias' efforts, saying: "I just love the way the public has got behind him because he has put in so much effort. I think it's just brilliant that that's been honoured by the fact that people have donated so much money."

Tobias says he's already practising for his next fundraising marathon, when he plans to use a trike!

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