North Yorkshire Police shut down large-scale cannabis grow at disused barn in Hunton

The set up was discovered inside a disused barn Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Officers from North Yorkshire Police discovered a large-scale cannabis grow at a disused barn on farmland in the village of Hunton, between Leyburn and Bedale on Wednesday 21 October.

Members of the local community reported suspicious activity at the barn with a number of vehicles and people coming and going to the location.

Upon arrival to the barn, police found well-organised hydroponics system, electricity meters bypassed and a quantity of cannabis plants in the early stages of cultivation.

The cannabis plants were in the early stages of cultivation. Credit: North Yorkshire Police

Local Inspector Mark Gee said: "We’re very grateful to the local community who reported their concerns and as a result we were able to act quickly and dismantle this operation.

"Often those involved in the actual cultivation and set up on the ground can be vulnerable and may be exploited by organised crime groups so putting a stop to these types of operations has a far wider reaching impact than simply stopping drugs from becoming available in our communities.

"Everyone can play their part by remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious behaviour to the police so that we can take action."