Black Voices In Conversation - Sandra Murphy aims to inspire next generation in the equine industry

  • Watch Emma Wilkinson's report.

Throughout Black History Month, we are celebrating the contribution made by people of colour to the region as part of our Black Voices in Conversation series.

Sandra Murphy has worked with horses in Lincolnshire for decades and is making waves in the equine food sector with products she's developed herself.

But being a black woman in a white industry and a white region has made her journey in business a very tough one. 

Despite all the obstacles, she's a finalist in the Black British Business awards on Friday 30th October and is determined to use her experience to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Emma Wilkinson went to meet her at her stables near Nettleton, she explained: "It is hard for the younger guys because it is a very middle class, white sport. A lot of black people don't see people that look like the , so in which case they feel that they don't belong there.

"Racism runs really deep, but we have to keep working at it and that's why me with my business, I hope to be an inspiration to other black people."

Lincolnshire has a rich equestrian heritage and Sandra is working on ways to encourage young black talent into the industry in the region.