Families still wait for insurance repairs - one year after homes flooded

Fishlake flood 07/11/20 PA
Families still waiting for repairs, one year after the floods Credit: PA

People affected by flooding exactly a year ago have revealed that they are still waiting for insurance payouts.

Families in Fishlake, near Doncaster, were evacuated from their homes when the nearby River Don burst its banks on November 7th 2019.

A number are still waiting to return home, as they wait for repairs to be carried out and insurance companies to pay up.

It comes as an independent review into flood insurance is calling for better protection for at-risk communities.

Fishlake was evacuated after the River Don burst its banks. Credit: ITV

Mary Bulmer says she was fully insured against flood risk. But 12-months on, she is still waiting to get back into her home.

Her insurers have finally put Mary's repairs in motion but it could still be weeks before her home is restored.

Pam Webb, who runs the Truffle Lodge Spa, had believed that the policy she had paid into for 16 years covered her home and business for flooding.

But she only found out about the change to her terms when it was too late.

A new report into flood insurance - commissioned by the government - aims to address problems that families and business owners face.

It is led by the former chair of the Association of British Insurers Amanda Blanc and it makes several recommendations for better protecting at-risk communities.

Some families are still waiting to return to their homes Credit: ITV

The main recommendation is for insurance companies to point out to people who live in what they class as areas of high risk of flooding if they do not have the relevant cover.

The government will now consider all the recommendations of the reports before it responds.

Calendar's Sally Simpson reports.