'I was drinking at least two bottles of wine a day:' Lincolnshire mum-of-four opens up about lockdown drinking struggles

  • Report by Katie Oscroft

A mother-of-four, who became isolated after moving home just before the first lockdown, has spoken frankly about the amount of alcohol she began to drink.

Emma Wilcock told ITV News: ''At the height of lockdown I was drinking at least two bottles of wine a day, then at weekends it would go up because my husband was at home.

''I would say easily two bottles of wine a day and then at the weekend spirits as well."

Emma says she felt isolated after moving from Lincolnshire to North Yorkshire.

"It was the space of a month that it started. I would say for a large part of lockdown I was hungover or drunk."

Now, she is urging others to speak up and seek help if they think they have a problem.

Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs from November 16 to November 22, aims to encourage people to become aware of the health consequences of how much they are drinking.

This year it has a theme of alcohol and mental health

It comes as new figures have found that a large rise in the number of people turning to alcohol to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. 

Experts have warned that the number of people drinking at high-risk levels has almost doubled since just before the first lockdown.

4.8 million

People nationally were drinking alcohol at 'high risk' levels before lockdown

8.4 million

People nationally were drinking 'high risk' amounts of alcohol in June

They are concerned that people like Emma, who have struggled with alcohol, aren't coming forward for help.

Dr Ruta Rele, an addiction psychiatrist in Sheffield said: "We know for a fact that 30 per cent of people in the normal population say their drinking has gone up .

''We have not yet seen that increased number hit the (help) service yet.''

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