Huge artwork in Hebden Bridge field warns that thousands of children could die worldwide due to the effects of Covid-19

Child's face - designed to make you think Credit: Sand in Your Eye

A huge child's face has been created in a field near Hebden Bridge from 6,000 life-size figures of youngsters playing.

It's been unveiled on World Children's Day and created to symbolise a warning that thousands of children could die worldwide due to the effects of Covid-19.

The work of professional land artists from Sand In Your Eye, the artwork was inspired by a tv report on the impact of Covid-19 on the already terrible situation for children in Yemen.

Spraying images on the field above Hebden Bridge Credit: Sand in Your Eye

The image, which covers 11,000 square metres and is 110m long, took a team of seven people three days to complete.

It symbolises UNICEF’s warning that globally, due to the pandemic, an additional 6,000 child deaths could occur every day as a result of weak health systems and disruptions to routine services like vaccines

Artwork with serious message Credit: Sand in Your Eye
Artwork made up of 6,000 youngsters playing Credit: Sand in Your Eye

World Children’s day highlight the challenges faced by children around the world, calling on global leaders to include their needs in global recovery plans from the pandemic.

As parents ourselves of young children, we were distressed to hear that so many children could lose their lives from preventable causes in the UK and abroad. Statistics like 6000 children losing their lives are difficult to comprehend so we decided that we would paint them so people can see what that number really looks like

Jamie and Claire Wardley, Sand in Your Eye

See the making of the artwork by Sand in Your Eye below.