Report highlights 'serious mental health issues' among young British muslims

Report highlights serious mental health issues among young muslims

A newly-published report has highlighed what it says are serious mental health issues among young Muslims in Britain.

The study, commissioned by British Muslims For Secular Democracy, has been compiled by six authors, including one from Bradford - all female muslims who explored the feelings, thoughts, aspirations and desires of second and third generation British Muslims.

It concludes there's a crisis in the community with some young Muslims unable and unwilling to access support for mental health.

Among the reports findings:

* Serious mental health and well-being issues among young Muslims in the UK. Particular research needed to support these Britons who have different cultural needs and family pressures

* Lack of distrust between young Muslims and service providers

* Islamophobia and extremism has caused climate of fear and suspicion, and lack ofunderstanding from providers

* Covid lockdown has had huge effect on young Muslims who are leading doublelives and are feeling ‘suffocated’ at home

*Experts need to stop being fixated on security and develop holistic approaches tomental well-being

Report co-author Anila Baig, from Bradford, found that many young British Muslims are leading ‘double lives’ and feel‘suffocated’ by their strict home life compared to their white and non-Muslim friends.

Here's Anila Baig and vlogger Haris Effendi.