Vaccination of staff in Hull's hospitals to begin next month

Hospital staff are being urged to have the vaccination

As Hull continues to top the league in the country's COVID-19 infection rates, it's been announced that the vaccination of staff at the city's hospitals is to begin next month.

In a letter to staff, the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says whilst vaccination is not mandatory, it's important that as many staff as possible take up the offer - which will operate on an 'opt out' system.

Whilst all staff will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination, they will be divided into two priority groups. Priority Group 1 will consist of BAME staff, vulnerable staff and other frontline healthcare workers and these groups will be invited to receive the vaccine first.

The second priority group will comprise everyone else who doesn’t fall in Priority Group 1.

The vaccination consists of two injections: an initial vaccination and then a booster jab up to six weeks later. Staff have been told they must attend both clinics - and that it cannot be given within seven days of having received the flu jab.

Meanwhile there are emotional pleas from two Covid survivors in Hull for the city to start taking the virus seriously. Steve Nicholson and Glynn Cooney say its vital that people realise just how serious both the disease and the aftermath - particularly on mental health - can be.