'Octavius Crime': public picks Transformers-inspired name for new Nottinghamshire police car

The new car was named 'Octavius Crime', inspired by the Transformers character Optimus Prime Credit: Nottinghamshire Police/PA

It's nothing new for Nottinghamshire Police to ask for the public's help.

But when officers in Ashfield took delivery of their new high-powered response car, they made an unusual appeal on social media.

The pro-active policing unit wanted to christen the vehicle, and asked for suggestions.

And after a range of responses, officers settled on a name inspired by the Transformers character Optimus Prime.

Adapted to reflect the car's model – a Skoda Octavia – it has been given the nickname 'Octavius Crime'.

Sergeant Paul Peatfield said: “Obviously the majority of our work is very serious and very often involves coming face-to-face with quite unpleasant criminals, so it was nice to have a have a bit of fun with the public and show our human side a bit.

“Police cars are often given names by local policing teams and it just didn’t seem right that our newest addition didn’t have one.

"We’re pleased that’s now been put right and look forward to following the example of our car’s superhero name-sake in fighting the local forces of evil in our very small part of the galaxy.”