Revealed: The financial impact of the pandemic on our pockets

Credit: PA Images

Latest figures show the stark impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on the pockets of people living in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Data provided by debt charity, Turn2us, shows there has been a rise in the numbers of people across the region having to rely on savings and even sell belongings to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has put strain on many people's finances.

In the Calendar region

22% of people have had to either dip into savings or sell possessions since March to make ends meet. 

23% of people have had to use credit cards and overdrafts after running out of money at the end of a week or month

24% of people couldn't survive for longer than three months if they lost their main source of income.

Martin Lewis, the money saving expert and presenter of The Martin Lewis Money Show, has the below advice for those in financial difficulty. 

Further financial advice can be found on the following websites: