Bradford hair salon boss who defied lockdown is ordered to close - for just 36 hours

Quinn Blakey hairdresser who defied lockdown
Defying lockdown ban

The owner of a Bradford hair salon who opened in defiance of lockdown has been ordered by a court to close - for just a day and a half.

Sinead Quinn, owner of Quinn Blakey Hairdressers, did not attend Bradford Magistrates Court to hear the case against her. But the court heard that she had opened for business on several days during lockdown - as recently as November 26th and 27th - despite being issued with fixed pentaly notices.

The application for a closure order was made by Kirklees Council with Tahir Hanif saying a closure notice had been placed in prominent locations at the salon on November 28th. The salon had broken the coronavirus regulations which prevented salons and barbers from opening.

Mr Hanif said Ms Quinn had "simply refused" to engage in discussions with the council, had referred to Magna Carta and said she 'doesn't consent to the regulations'.

"She recorded a conversation (with a council official) via a letterbox and placed it on Instagram which received notoriety."

A defiant notice posted in the salon read: "I do not consent. This business stands outside the jurisdiction of common law. As the business owner we are exercising our rights to earn a living."

Defiant notice in salon window

Mr Hanif said the salon, at Oakenshaw, was open on November 9th, 12th, 13th and 14th, and was handed fixed penalty notices for breaking the rules.

"Fixed penalty notices were served but didn't seem to any hindrance on her behaviour. There was a simple disregard. The fixed penalty notices seemed to have no impact."Mr Hanif said Ms Quinn treated the matter, which had appeared in the national press as "something of a running joke".

Mr Hanif said complaints were made about the shop being open by members of the public and described the shop opening as a 'public nuisance' during a pandemic with high rates of coronavirus in Kirklees.Magistrates granted the closure order - but only until until midnight tomorrow (December 1st) with salons and barbers allowed to open after that date.

The closure order means it will be a serious offence for anyone to enter the premises and could result in arrest and a maximum prison sentence of 51 weeks and/or a fine.