Bradford’s Covid vaccine ambassadors set to educate against conspiracy theories

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Students in Bradford have been recruited to become part of a task force to tackle conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 vaccine and persuade people who are nervous that it is safe.

Since Bradford went into local lockdown in August, the city’s authorities have been dealing with some of the highest Covid-19 rates in the country.

Now they are braced for a second battle against so-called “antivax” conspiracy theories that spread as quickly as the virus.

There are fears that misinformation means some of the most vulnerable communities who need it the most might miss out. 

A leading doctor in Bradford is urging anyone offered the vaccine to take it.

Dr John Wright Director, Bradford Institute for Health Research said: ''There will be people, and these are the people that we need to try and understand, who won't come forward - and they may be the people who are most at risk.

''That's why projects like Covid Lead are really important, to get out into the community - using a grassroots approach to addressing people's misconceptions.''

The vaccine programme will reach Bradford on Monday, although a mass rollout is weeks and months away.