Government branded 'irresponsible' as asylum seekers left not knowing when they may be evicted

  • Adam Fowler reports.

The Government has been accused of 'irresponsible behaviour' which has left asylum seekers across Yorkshire not knowing when they may be forced out of their homes to face life on the streets, exposed to the Covid pandemic.

Because of public health concerns, the High Court recently told the Home Office to stop its policy of evicting those whose claims had been rejected.

Now, the evictions are set to resume, prompting fears of a surge in the number of asylum seekers living rough, putting themselves and others at risk.

Support charities in the region have been urging the Government for clarity.

The Home Office said it aimed to be 'compassionate to those fleeing oppression' but 'tough on those who abuse the system.'

There are currently nearly five thousand people who have fled their country and taken refuge in Yorkshire, hoping their claim for asylum will be accepted.

Prior to the pandemic, if their claim is not accepted, they are given twenty-one days to leave their accommodation, before they're evicted. 

They then have a choice to return to their home country, or become homeless with no right to work.

To help stop the spread of Covid-19, evictions were stopped during the first lockdown. 

Following a high court ruling in November, evictions were temporarily stopped again, but it is unknown for how long. 

The Home Office said: "Accommodation providers have informed those who have received a negative asylum decision that they can remain in accommodation until further notice.'