Disabled people across our region twice as likely to be unemployed

  • Kevin Ashford reports. 

A new survey has revealed that disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.

The survey showed that the pandemic is making it even harder for people with disabilities to get jobs, with a fifth of employers admitting they were less likely to take on a disabled job applicant.

42% of employers questioned said they were discouraged from hiring disabled job applicants due to concerns around supporting them properly during the pandemic.

Jaki Wilson who is registered as blind has a job supporting victims of domestic violence. She had struggled in previous work applications until she got advice  from a scheme run by the charity Scope.

The Scope scheme that helped Jaki has now given advice and support to one million disabled people and is backed by some of the country's biggest firms.

Campaigners says the progress is welcome but more needs to be done.