Mysterious metal monolith appears in Sheffield park

Credit: Friends of Parkwood Springs

A metal monolith that mysteriously appeared at Beacons view point in Sheffield on New Year's Day.. has now mysteriously disappeared.

The 7ft tall mirrored structure popped up at Parkwood Springs, and was discovered by a dog walker on January 1, 2021.

It is unknown how and why the monolith was erected, but it ignited the imaginations of local residents - with some even speculating that it was positioned by aliens!

The monolith appeared in Sheffield on New Year's Day Credit: Friends of Parkwood Springs

The mysterious monolith was one of the most recent in a series of similar structures that have appeared around the world, the first one being sighted in the Utah desert.

Neill Schofield, Joint Chair of the Friends of Parkwood Springs spoke to ITV Calendar about the local reaction to the monolith.