Increasing numbers of covid patients at Chesterfield hospital is "taking its toll" says chief nurse

A Chief nurse at a hospital in Derbyshire has opened up to ITV Calendar about the strain that her staff are currently under as they continue to fight the virus.

Krishna Kallianpur, who works Chesterfield Hospital, says that the increasing number of patients being admitted to hospital is "taking its toll" on staff members there.

Chesterfield Hospital currently has 110 patients on its wards battling covid-19, 14 of which are on ventilation.


Patients in hospital with Covid-19


Patients admitted since March

The hospital have had 1,156 patients in total with coronavirus since the pandemic began.

Krishna Kallianpur said: "We're incredibly proud of the whole teams effort. Everybody's played their part but people are incredibly tired. Anxieties are high, obviously dealing with the amount of patients and the very difficult circumstances.

"Patient facing teams are obviously wearing PPE and it's having its toll on our staff."

"It's incredibly serious. The increasing rates, we've already doubled the number of patients coming through with covid symptoms and that rise is likely to continue for the next couple of weeks until the effect of the lockdown restrictions come into play.

"I would urge everybody to follow the advice. It is a lockdown. There shouldn't be as many cars on the road. There should be working from home wherever possible.