Leeds charity release single with Yorkshire bands Kaiser Chiefs and Embrace

  • ITV Calendar's Lisa Adlam reports.

A Leeds based charity which provides emotional support to people through music workshops has used that power to help them through the pandemic and produce a fundraising single.

The Bringing It All Back Home project has released their cover of REM's 'Everybody Hurts', recorded online and with a little bit of help from some homegrown Yorkshire stars.

Simon Rix and Nick ‘Peanut’ Baines of Kaiser Chiefs, and Mike Heaton, Mickey Dale andRichard McNamara of Embrace all feature on the cover, which was recorded virtually.

Bringing It All Back Home began in 2018 and regularly supports vulnerable adults at OldChapel Music Studios in Leeds, giving them the opportunity to express themselves throughmusic.

Both Kaiser Chiefs and Embrace have regularly rehearsed at Old Chapel MusicStudios over the years.

During the pandemic, the in-person workshops were forced to stop and sessions becamevirtual to ensure support could continue. As a result of this, Bringing It All Back Home hasproduced its first album, featuring all individual members’ work.

Tony Lambert, the Project leader at Bringing It All Back Home said:

"We decided we wanted to use music as a way just to engage human beings together in something really rich and meaningful and we found it worked, people really responded to being able to do something they loved."

Tracy Harrison who is a member of the Bringing It All Back Home Choir said it gave her a "family" and a "purpose" during the pandemic.

"I felt very alone and this project, it gave me a family, it gave me a purpose. It was very meaningful and it actually gave me a voice.

"Everybody is valuable, nobody ever feels left out or less than - everybody feels more than. They make you feel like you're exceptional and extraordinary rather than just an ordinary person."

"It has been like a lifeline to me to help me through.

Graeme Fryer is also a part of the Bringing It All Back Home Choir, he said:

"Being part of such a project has helped me keep my mind occupied, most of it's been done through Zoom - we haven't been able to go out - but it's given something to look forward to, to be able to take part in the Zoom and produce this record that hopefully everybody's really going to enjoy."

"It was amazing to be able to interact with people and people you would never expect to - like Embrace and the Kaiser Chiefs ... "

It was also on Zoom that Graeme and Tracy caught up with a couple of the star guests who've added their talents.

Members of two of the biggest bands to come from Yorkshire, Embrace and the Kaiser Chiefs, recorded parts on the single, keen to help harness the power of music.

Mike Heaton, Embrace's drummer said: "It just blew me away ... the voices on it, they're just so emotive and just hearing you lot sing together - it brought a tear to my eye, I'll tell you that, it was fantastic so yeah, I've loved doing it."