Critical care nurse from Hull says region's hospitals taking week's-worth of admission everyday

  • ITV Calendar's Duncan Wood.

A critical care nurse from Hull has said that hospitals in the region are beginning to become overwhelmed with patients, as some are taking an average week's-worth of admissions every single day.

Nicki Credland from the British Association of Critical Care Nurses told ITV Calendar that hospitals around the region are taking on a "phenomenal" amount of covid-19 patients and that it is creating a "significant problem" across NHS trusts.

She said: "We’re seeing a huge problem nationally in terms of critical care capacity and provision. We know that we simply don’t have enough critical care nurses.

"We equally know that we’ve got to expand our critical care capacity massively in order to cope with the sheer volume of patients that are requiring really expert care and that is creating a significant problem in NHS hospitals up and down the country not just in our region, not just in London but everywhere.

"Critical care nurses take around four years to train, so you can’t do that within a couple of months.

"Planning has been put in place. What we know now is that the rest of the hospital, not just intensive care are getting overwhelmed with patients.

"We are taking a phenomenal amount of admissions every single day, we’re taking the equivalent of an entire hospital admissions every day of the week and that’s just not sustainable.

"Certainly from an intensive care perspective, we are now in a position where we have one intensive care nurse looking after three to four fully ventilated patients in some areas of the country, that's just not sustainable.

"Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are human beings and can only be stretched so far. "