Two charged after elderly couple caught up in rooftop stand-off in Grimsby

A police inspector was also injured in the stand-off, and had to be taken to hospital for further treatment. Credit: MEN Media

A terrified elderly woman was trapped in her home in Grimsby as two men scaled the roof, ripped off tiles and allegedly threatened to burn down the house.Graham and Susan Johnson, both in their mid-70s, live in the bungalow on Swinderby Gardens that was the scene of a violent rooftop standoff on Saturday.Two men climbed onto the roof of the bungalow following a robbery at a nearby shop during which two people were assaulted.The cul-de-sac was quickly swarming with police in riot gear and paramedics as the men smashed and ripped up tiles from the roof - throwing them down at officers. Neighbouring streets were also closed.They also targeted the car owned by the elderly couple, smashing the windows and lights as well as denting the bodywork with roof tiles.

Credit: MEN Media

A police inspector was also injured in the stand-off, and had to be taken to hospital for further treatment.But for Graham and Susan, the worst part was that they were separated through the entire ordeal, as Graham had quickly popped to the supermarket, leaving Susan in the house alone.When Graham returned to Swinderby Gardens, he found the road closed off and police surrounding his house, all while Susan was inside.He said: "I'd nipped out to Sainsbury's and come back to find the road completely closed off by police."My wife saw somebody go past the back window and she quickly called the police."I was most concerned about my wife more than the roof or the car. She was in the house the entire time while the two men were smashing up the roof and one of the men even threatening to burn the house down.

Credit: MEN Media

"My wife is too shaken up to speak about it, she has been through a lot today. The house is just a mess and the car is a write-off."Graham and Susan's son, George, quickly headed down to the scene when he heard what was going on.He said: "They're just completely shaken up by it. It's disgusting, they've caused so much damage to the roof and the car. There's damage to the back of the house as well."They've assaulted a police officer in all of this, too. There's towels soaked with his blood on the floor of the garage. I can imagine the two responsible will be away for a long time."The two men arrested following the rooftop stand-off in Grimsby have now been charged.

Declan McLaughlan, 23, of Carnforth Crescent, Grimsby, and Callum Burns, 21, of no fixed abode, are set to appear at Grimsby Magistrates Court on Monday, January 11.Chief Inspector Glansfield of Humberside Police said: “Incidents of this nature are highly disruptive to our communities.“Our officers responded quickly to the initial reported robbery, and then to the scene of the roof top siege, on a property of which the men had no connection to.“Such events require large amounts of resources to ensure a safe resolution and to protect everybody affected in the locality.“Often, as in this case, the damage left behind can be extremely distressing from those living in the area.“One of our officers also sustained injuries as he was trying to go about his business protecting our communities. We will never tolerate these acts towards our people.

The two men were arrested at the scene after being on the roof for several hours. Credit: MEN Media

“I wish to thank the local residents for their patience during the disruption and encourage them to speak to the teams still in the area if they have any concerns or information they wish to share.”A worker at the shop that was targeted, Carnforth Parade Premier store, described what happened to their co-worker.They said: "The pair came in to get a few bottles of alcohol and the member of staff thought they were buying it. But he went to snatch it, and she grabbed it to try and stop them. She ended up being dragged out of the shop."A customer got involved and tried stopping them as well, and they started beating him up as well."The member of staff is okay, she's a bit shaken by the whole thing, though. She has a bruise on her arm as well, I think."It just caught her off-guard, as they looked like they were going to pay for it. Then she saw them running down the street towards Swinderby Gardens."