Sheffield charity calls for weekly coronavirus testing for adult day support workers

Paces in Sheffield provides adult day care for people with brain injuries Credit: Paces

A charity in Sheffield which provides adult day care for people with brain injuries is calling for coronavirus testing to be available for their support workers.

Paces, has launched a petition calling for regular, weekly testing of their staff who work closely with vulnerable adults. 

A government spokesperson said they are working hard to increase testing capacity and reach more people.

We recognise the importance of day services and the key role they play in the lives of many vulnerable people they support. Our testing strategy is guided by SAGE and we will continue to work closely with SAGE and PHE to identify priority areas for testing as our capacity increases. We are working hard to increase our testing capacity, develop new technologies and reach more people.

Department of Health and Social Care, spokesperson

Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE, Chief Executive of Paces:

  Dr Spencer Pitfield OBE, Chief Executive of Paces, said:

“Individuals who need adult day care to live their lives, and the support workers who provide that care, are one of the forgotten groups of this pandemic.

 “It cannot be emphasised enough how important adult day care is – to provide respite for the family and friends of those caring for these individuals and for the individuals themselves who are nurtured and develop in an environment that helps them achieve their potential.

“None of that support can happen without Adult Day Support Workers and it is unacceptable that we are still unable to access regular testing for them - unacceptable for the support workers who want to keep themselves and their families safe, and unacceptable for those being supported who are being unwittingly and needlessly put at risk."