8 year-old from Whitby prepares for stem cell transplant after months of searching

  • ITV Calendar's Sam Casey reports.

Evie Hodgson from Whitby has been an inspiration in getting thousands to sign up to the stem cell donor register, but now the 8-year-old is set to be receive her own transplant on Thursday (14 January).

The journey to this point has been fraught with difficulty. During the first lockdown Evie was diagnosed with the rare blood disorder aplastic anaemia.

She was due to have a life-saving stem cell transplant last August, but at the last minute her donor pulled out.

Rather than give up hope, Evie launched a campaign to raise awareness of the need for more stem cell donors, not just for herself but for countless others like her.

It gained her not just tens of thousands of followers on social media and the attention of some big names.

Just before Christmas, Evie got the news that a second donor match had been found.

On Thursday (14 January) she will receive her transplant and a second chance to make the most of her childhood.