How a ‘heartbroken’ community came together for Libby Squire

The search for a young student who had gone missing in Hull, quickly captured the hearts of locals.

As the days passed, with no news of her whereabouts, concern for Libby Squire’s safety grew. 

But what followed, was community spirit at its best. People across the Yorkshire city pulled together to support the 21-year-old’s family. 

Councillor Steve Wilson, the University Ward councillor at Hull City Council, said locals were ‘’heartbroken’’ about a young girl they had never met. 

Her disappearance hit close to home for many. Students stood in solidarity with police and helped search for signs of their friend and peer who was still missing.

That sentiment was echoed across the city.

At Hull Community Church well-wishers held a service in Libby’s honour. It was where Libby's parents sought comfort and is also only a few hundred yards away from where their daughter was last seen.

Anne Dannerolle, Church Minister at Hull Community Church said Libby’s parents found solace in the outpouring of love and support.

‘’They were very touched by love and support and sense of comfort to know how many cared and Libby herself would have been shocked to know the amount of love and support people had."

The hope continued, until more than six weeks later, news of her death hit home. 

Despite the grief, the community once again pulled together, but this time to honour her memory. The bench where Libby was last seen turned into a blossoming memorial.

The messages left read ‘’Always in our hearts’’ and ‘’Sleep tight angel.’’ Libby had become one of their own.

While Libby’s funeral took place in West Wycombe, 150 miles away in Hull, mourners paid their own respects.

Anne Danneroll said she will always be remembered many years from now.

‘’Our love continues to go out to the family after two years, after 20 years she will still be in our hearts."