Surfboard reunited with its owner after drifting hundreds of miles from Runswick Bay in North Yorkshire to Shetland

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A surfboard which was lost in the sea off the coast of Runswick Bay near Whitby in North Yorkshire, before drifting hundreds of miles north to Shetland, has been reunited with its owner.

Lee Brogan thought he would never see his surfboard again when a huge wave ripped off his leash and sent it drifting into the North Sea.

Lee said: ''I gave up hope to be honest after a week or so, but that is when Stephanie steps in a few weeks down the line.''

Five weeks later and hundreds of miles away on the island of Shetland, Stephanie Riise and her partner Jake Anderson came across the board when they walked along the beach in Skeld near their home.

Stephanie said: ''We thought, where has this come from, where on earth has this come from? There's not many people surfing in Shetland especially this time of year it's pretty cold.''

Stephanie posted on social media and managed to track down Lee as the owner of the board.

Lee sent images of himself with the surfboard to prove his identity and his surfboard was delivered - this time by land.