'Vloggers' fined for travelling from Leeds to film outside Lincoln prison

Credit: PA

Two 'vloggers' have been fined for travelling to Lincolnshire and breaking Covid regulations.

Lincolnshire Police said the two men, aged 23 and 44, from Leeds, were seen taking videos outside South Park Police Station and Lincoln Prison on February 15.

The men visited South Park Police Station at around midday before filming outside HMP Lincoln Prison soon after.

Both claimed to be 'vloggers' and were fined £200.

Chief Inspector Andy Morrice said their travel was not essential and urged the public to continue following the rules to stop the spread of the virus.

“With a virus spreading so rapidly through contact with others we should all be asking ourselves whether our reason to leave home is truly essential. In this case travelling was not deemed essential. There is a real risk that our health service could be overwhelmed and people - our friends and family - could die needlessly from this virus.

Police broke up a student party in Sheffield last week.

Incidents of rule-breaking have been common across the region. It is not the first of fines being handed out recently.

On Sunday, twenty one people were fined a total of £16,800 after police forced their way into an unlawful party in Bradford.

The group were found inside a one-bedroomed flat in Shipley at about 04:30am.

Similarly, last week, over £34,000 worth of fines were issued after police were called to a party at a student flat in Sheffield. Over 150 people were found inside, with many running from away in an effort to avoid being identified.

Sheffield City Centre Inspector, Ali Bywater said it was ''absolutely appalling'' to see people disregard the safety of others.