Bradford murderer Dale Tarbox jail time increased

Dale Tarbox, 40, murdered Susan Howells, 51 in February 2019 Credit: ITV Calendar

A man who murdered a disabled woman and buried her body in a caravan park has had his sentence increased.

Susan Howells, 51, who was physically disabled and used a Zimmer frame, was last seen at her Harrogate home in February 2019.

Dale Tarbox, 40, had known Susan for a number of years before the murder took place.

Following an argument, Tarbox murdered Susan at his home in Bradford on 19 February 2019. He attempted to burn her body, before hiding it in a wheelie bin in his cellar.

Tarbox then moved with his partner to a caravan site in Doncaster. He later returned to the Bradford address with an accomplice, transported the body to Doncaster and buried it behind his caravan.

His life sentence for her murder has been increased by two years, meaning he'll now serve a minimum of 18 years, after the Solicitor General found the sentence to be 'unduly lenient.'

Commenting on the increase, the Solicitor General said: “Tarbox murdered a vulnerable victim and showed no remorse for his despicable actions.

"No sentence can repair the damage he caused, but I hope the Court of Appeal’s decision today gives some closure to the victim’s family.”