Girls go green as sisters form "Clean Up Crew" to tidy their neighbourhood and raise charity cash

Two sisters from North Yorkshire are offering their services as local litter pickers in a drive to clean up their community and raise money for charity.

Sadie Holliday, five, and her three-year-old sister Aurelia formed the Clean Up Crew in Kelfield after watching a TV programme about going green and deciding they wanted to do their bit.

Armed with carrier bags and a picker-upper they collected rubbish from the streets and grass verges near their home. They now have their own catchphrase, "Girls Go Green!" and have designed a logo.

The logo Sadie and Amelia created for their litter-pick campaign Credit: Family photo

Dad Tom, who has been on hand to supervise the self-proclaimed superheroes, said: "They have really got into it and have been out again and also asked our local community if there's anyone who wants us to litter pick near them. The village have shown fantastic support for the girls!

"All you have to do is ask for the Clean Up Crew and we will come and pick up litter near your house. All we ask is that you donate some money to a charity of your choice."