Stamford father and five-year-old daughter take on 100km ‘Run and Scoot’ charity challenge

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A five-year-old from Stamford in Lincolnshire is aiming to scoot 100km during lockdown while her father runs the same distance to raise money for Marie Curie. 

Elodie Drury and her father Chris set themselves a target of raising £200 for the charity, which provides care and support for people with terminal illnesses, but have already raised over £1000. 

Elodie and her dad wanted to raise money for charity during lockdown Credit: Family picture

The pair have been running and scooting around 15km a week during lockdown and hope to finish the challenge by the end of February.

It’s hard to see what’s going on at the moment, it’s a tough time for so many and on top of that charities don’t have the fundraising events at the moment to raise the money needed to support the people who need it the most.

Chris Drury

They chose to raise money for Marie Curie because Elodie’s class at primary school is named after the scientist and she has been learning about her pioneering work. 

You can follow Chris and Elodie’s progress online