Doncaster family’s heartbreak after thieves steal their dogs

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A family from Doncaster have spoken of their heartbreak after their dogs were stolen by thieves just before Christmas. 

Sprocker spaniels Bonnie and Carli were taken from the back garden of Lizzie Goodings’ family home in Woodlands near Doncaster.

It's terrible. It ruined our Christmas and New Year. The kids still ask for them everyday. It doesn't feel the same when they're not here. If they can steal off children like they've stolen mine it is just sad. Obviously they have got no heart.

Lizzie Goodings

Two-year-old Ada and her nine-year-old sister Evie are also pining for their pets' safe return.

"They are nice and they always try to give you cuddles. They always keep me company when I am upset but it is just weird to think that I might never see them again."

The spaniels were taken from the family's back garden. Credit: Family picture

Dog theft is on the rise in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with the pandemic creating a huge demand for pets. The organisation Dog Lost UK says there has been a 170% increase in the number of dogs they've had registered as stolen.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has pledged to look at measures to tackle pet thefts and to "go after" the thieves who are profiting from the crime.

South Yorkshire Police, who have their own Protect Your Pooch campaign, say owners should take precautions but not be too alarmed.

"We have noticed a slight increase in offences but these are low numbers. We are not talking about significant numbers in any shape or form so really to reassure people this is a really isolated type of offence. But certainly since lockdown we have noticed more of this type of offence."