Fines issued after wild campers breach coronavirus restrictions in North Yorkshire

Two adults and a young child were found camping on a cliff edge in North Yorkshire. Credit: Staithes Coastguard/Alistair Smith

Two people have been fined for breaking Covid restrictions, after emergency services were called to a 'wild camping' incident in North Yorkshire.

A 30-year-old man from Middlesbrough and a 27-year-old woman from Doncaster were given fixed penalty notices. The pair were accompanied by a child when they set up a tent on top of a 280ft cliff having "no idea of the extreme danger they were in", Coastguards said.

Staithes and Whitby Coastguard Rescue Teams were called out on Saturday 27 February, after concerns from colleagues in Humberside about the two adults and young child camping on a cliff edge.

Safety advice was given from Coastguard Rescue Officers due to the dangerous location of their tent, especially with recent landslips - and they've used this as a reminder to people to stick to designated footpaths on The Cleveland Way.

Credit: Staithes Coastguard/Alistair Smith

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

“Everyone is aware of the current restrictions that are in place to stay at home to stop the spread of Covid, so to travel from Middlesbrough and Doncaster with the intention to camp overnight is obviously a clear breach of the regulations. But to then choose to pitch a tent in such a dangerous location is completely irresponsible.

“Not only were the individuals involved risking their own safety and the safety of the child who was with them, if a landslide had occurred, they would also be risking the lives of the emergency services who would attend the resulting incident.

“Our thanks go to the member of the public who reported their concerns and to our Coastguard colleagues who also attended. Their actions may have averted a completely preventable tragedy.