Family of Chesterfield footballing legend Ernie Moss back new inquiry into links between sport and brain injury

Katies Oscroft has been speaking to the family of former footballer Ernie Moss who have welcomed a new government inquiry into links between playing sport and brain injury.

He is Chesterfield FC's all-time leading goalscorer but developed dementia in his late-fifties and is now in a care home.

His family believe that repeated heading of the ball caused the disease which has affected the front of his brain.

Former footballer Daniel Parslow who spent much of his career with York City retired prematurely because of a head injury.

He has welcomed the inquiry and is calling for clear guidance to be put in place.

The Government's Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee will consider scientific evidence for links between head trauma and dementia, the implications for youth sport and the role of major sporting organisations. It will also look at funding for future research.