Two wheels on his wagon .... and Zane's still rolling along

Two wheels on his wagon .... and Zane's still rolling along

An assistant headteacher, awarded an MBE for delivering thousands of meals to children during the pandemic, has made what he hopes will be his last delivery.

Zane Powles MBE has dropped off more than 15,000 food parcels, including Christmas Dinner, to families in Grimsby whose children are eligible for free school meals.

He began his deliveries on foot last March when the country entered its first national lockdown, fearing that children who are normally fed free of charge at Western Primary School, might go hungry.

He's ploughed on in all weathers, and with a knee injury, which his grateful community raised £2,000 to have treated privately. He's since asked for the money to be donated to help families living in food poverty.

Zane soldiers on - hoping this is his last delivery

Zane estimates he's walked over 900 miles delivering the parcels in the last year, and carried around 5 tonnes of food.

He told ITV News Calendar: "The good thing that's come out of it is that our families have been very well supported. We've done our utmost to make sure they're supported at all times. It's been hard, and I'm exhausted and just battered, but every mile and every kilogramme carried has been well worth it." Now, as children prepare to return to the classroom on Monday, he's hoping he's made his final delivery, especially as his trolly gave up the ghost this morning when the wheels fell off half way through his round.