Flipping eck! Dolphin leaping from the sea captured in stunning image on East Yorkshire coast

Jumping dolphin
Jumping for joy Credit: Craig Thomas/MEN MEDIA

An amazing picture has been snapped from the East Yorkshire coast of a dolphin somersaulting into the air.

The spectacular image was shot by Craig Thomas of the Flamborough Bird Observatory from Flamborough Head.

It is understood the Bottlenose dolphin pictured was just one of a pod of 25 that were travelling across the North Sea.

They can often be seen in the area - but rarely are they caught on camera leaping from the water.

The picture shows the dolphin in mid-air as it corkscrewed from the sea, leaving behind spray which was perfectly caught by the photographer.

The bird observatory covers the village which shares its name, as wellas Bempton, Buckton and Speeton.

Volunteers usually spend their time reporting bird sightings but this spot highlighted their ability to also keep their eyes out to sea.