Two Nottinghamshire sites in the running for world's first nuclear fusion power plant

  • Video report by Michael Billington

Plans for a site near Retford to house the first power generator in the world to use a method called "nuclear fusion", will be discussed by Bassetlaw councillors today.

The technology, which could offer a virtually limitless source of clean electricity, uses processes which power the Sun - and while the science is out of this world, the benefits for the environment and the economy could be massive - according to those behind it. 

Councillors say the potential benefits could help level up the North by delivering power to homes and jobs to the north.

Fusion involves atoms being forced together at high pressure. It needs temperatures of around a hundred million degrees celcius - and giant magnets to control the reaction. But - if successful - it would release massive quantities of energy.

Now the Government wants to open a plant - that could feed that power - into the national grid.

Bassetlaw Council is expected to recommend West Burton Power station - and the now decomissioned Cottam Power station - as possible locations for the plant.

It has raised anxieties from people living in the shadow of the cooling towers.

It could be two years before the Government choses where the plant might be built. But those behind it say - if it goes to plan - it could produce clean energy for homes - for generations to come.