Hidden Lockdown Heroes: The East Yorkshire plumbers juggling business and homeschooling

  • Video report by Chris Kiddey

John and Cheryl Teal from Gilberdyke in East Yorkshire were classed as essential workers during the pandemic due to being plumbers.

However, many of the bigger jobs they would normally do have been put on hold, leading to a downturn in profits - they've also had to deal with homeschooling their two children.

John has spent the last year dealing with people's emergency plumbing problems, whilst Cheryl has borne the brunt of the homeschooling.

They are hopeful that the roadmap will bring back some normality to their family's life.

"We just want the kids to get back to normality. Mainly the kids. We can go to work and escape a little bit but they have had it hard really.

"Hopefully, they can get back normal, get back to the clubs and school. So fingers crossed it all gets back to normal for them more than us really."