Hidden Lockdown Heroes: The Pontefract shopkeeper volunteering at a food bank

  • Video report by Chris Kiddey

Pontefract shopkeeper Bobby Singh has been going the extra mile during the last 12 months by volunteering at his local foodbank.

Bobby is very proud of where he is from and is known throughout his community.

He began volunteering at the foodbank in West Yorkshire at the start of the first lockdown.

He said: "We started off delivering to the elderly and vulnerable, reaching out to the elderly and people who needed help delivering to them free of charge.

"Also then we started giving packages of bags of essentials week to week supporting a family."

His philosophy is one that many can draw inspiration from.

"I am a big believer on one person cannot help everyone, but, everyone can help someone and I think a lot of people have taken that on board and carried it out really," he said.