Yorkshire and Humber to see increase in offshore wind jobs in next 5 years

Credit: PA

Yorkshire and The Humber is set to benefit from a £60 billion private investment in UK offshore wind over the next five years.

The Offshore Wind Industry Council has said that over 69,000 new jobs will be created nationally with around 15% of these being created in the Calendar region.

The new jobs will include engineers, project managers, technicians and deep-sea divers - there will also be an increase in the number of apprenticeships offered in wind technology, according to the council.

Around the Humber, it is expected that around 10,000 people will be employed building and servicing wind farms.

Courtney Doherty, a third-year apprentice with Orsted Energy, said that she would recommend the job to anyone.

  • Courtney Doherty, third-year apprentice at Orsted Energy

The offshore wind industry is looking in particular to fill vacancies for electrical engineers, civil engineers, project managers, surveyors, data analysts and digital specialists in roles based onshore as well as offshore.

RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Melanie Onn, who leads on OWIC’s People and Skills work, said: "We’ll see a surge of tens of thousands of new jobs over the next five years as offshore wind will put the rocket boosters under the UK’s green economic recovery.

"By investing over £60 billion of private capital between now and 2026, this industry is helping to kickstart our economy after the pandemic.

"Renewables are creating new opportunities for people across the UK, from school-leavers and graduates to workers leaving fossil fuel industries, and we want to ensure the right training and support is in place to harness all the talent and expertise we’ll need in the transition to clean energy."