South Yorkshire school teacher makes prosthetic arm for pupil on 3D printer

  • Video report by Lisa Adlam

A teacher in South Yorkshire has gone the extra mile by making a prosthetic arm for a pupil on the school's 3D printer.

Twelve-year-old Lewis McCaslin was born without a forearm and finds an NHS prosthetic too heavy to use - so his teacher Daniel Grant came up with a lightweight alternative.

The arm was designed by a charity in Wales and then Mr Grant used the school's 3D printer to create the arm and put it all together for Lewis over the Christmas holidays.

Lewis said that he hopes the new arm will stop him from crashing his bike and the Ironman style light on the hand will help him see in the dark.

Teachers at Bradfield School had used the 3D printer to make face shields for NHS staff in the first wave of the pandemic.

Headteacher, Adrian May, said that it was a great example of the staff using their skills to benefit others.