'Vaccine does not break fast' - Muslims urged to get jab during Ramadan

Faith leaders and health professionals are urging muslims to continue getting their Covid-19 vaccination during Ramadan.

A campaign by Sheffield NHS CCG has been launched in Sheffield to encourage those who may have concerns about the jab breaking the fast kept by Muslims during the holy month.

However, faith leaders and health professionals have confirmed the vaccine does not affect fasting or break the fast.

Shahida Siddique, the Chair of the Faith Covid Group, said it it ''absolutely okay and allowed'' from a religious perspective ahead of Ramadan, which is due to begin later this month.

Alun Windle, Chief Nurse and Covid Vaccination Lead at NHS Sheffield CCG, said it is important people continue to get their vaccinations, particularly their second dose, to ensure the fullest protection against the virus.

"I’d like thank everyone for their efforts in getting the message out there to the Muslim communities in Sheffield. You need to have the second dose to give yourself the fullest protection against the virus.''

''We already know that the two doses can save lives and avoid serious illness in the most vulnerable people.''

Recent research from Public Health England has shown that protection from any COVID-19 symptoms in over-80s is 57% from four weeks after vaccination and after the second dose it rises to more than 85%.

Many mosques in Yorkshire have opened as vaccination centres to help increase uptake. Credit: ITV Calendar

Over the past few months, many mosques have opened as vaccination centres across Yorkshire to increase the vaccine uptake of those of Black, asian, and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Last month, health officials called for better outreach to BAME communities and for more to be done to be done to appropriately communicate the message.