Around 100 bags of waste cleared from Marsden Moor after being dumped in a stream

Credit: MEN Media

National Trust rangers and volunteers in West Yorkshire had to spend hours clearing away rubbish that had been dumped in a stream on Marsden Moor.

Around 100 bags of waste, including out-of-date food and metal, were found in a river close to Mount Road yesterday.The huge amount of rubbish had to be carried up a steep slope and onto the nearby street by a team of four, consisting of two National Trust rangers and two volunteers.It took around two hours to remove every bin bag from the stream.

Credit: MEN Media

Craig Best, countryside manager for the National Trust, said: "Our rangers and volunteers had to stop their important conservation work to clear up this mess."This most recent fly-tip was pushed into a watercourse, which could have a serious impact on the environment. As well as major fly-tips, we are also seeing people leaving things like face masks and antibacterial wipes on the moors.

"We are working really hard to look after these moors and the wildlife that lives here. Leaving litter and rubbish can harm our rare birds and livestock."We are grateful to those members of the public who report fly-tipping to us, or the relevant local authority if it is on a public highway."We would also ask everyone visiting Marsden Moor to make sure they take their litter home with them."