Five Lincolnshire Police officers assaulted every week during last six months

Credit: ITV News

Lincolnshire Police have said that at least five officers a week are being assaulted by members of the public.

The force said that 154 incidents have been recorded since October 2020, with staff being punched, kicked, spat on and coughed at by people who claim to be infected with Covid-19.

In a five-day period last week, 15 police officers and support staff were assaulted in the county.

Two officers were attacked whilst dealing with a breach of covid regulations on Saturday night - a man has been charged with assaulting an emergency worker.

  • DCC Jason Harwin, Lincolnshire Police

Figures from the National Police Chiefs Council revealed that last year a third of police constables were attacked whilst on duty.

A new policing policy investigating assaults means that officers will now be treated as a victim of crime rather than a police officer.

The Deputy Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, Jason Harwin, said: "Assaulting any emergency worker isn't acceptable.

The number of assaults on our officers and staff over the weekend continues to show the risk of carrying out the important role of protecting the public from harm and enforcing the law.

Jason Harwin, Deputy Chief Constable, Lincolnshire Police

Deputy Chief Constable Harwin told ITV News that officers appear to be being "targeted" by members of the public now and that if the rate of assaults continues it will have an effect on the force's numbers.

Inspector Barry Steele of the Lincolnshire Police Federation said: "Tackling the rise in assaults against our officers is something the Federation have been lobbying hard for both locally and nationally, it is simply unacceptable that assaulting emergency workers happens with the frequency it does.

"Raising the sentence for such assaults from six months imprisonment to a year is an element of the Police and Crime and Courts Bill currently going through parliament that the Police Federation have fought long and hard for."