Lincolnshire nurse says hospital staff having to appeal parking fines they shouldn't have been issued

A nurse in Lincolnshire has told ITV News that many NHS workers are having to spend time appealing parking fines they shouldn't have been issued.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust uses the private company Parking Eye to manage its car parks - the trust has said they are investigating the complaints.

Helen, the nurse who works in Boston, told ITV News that the erroneous parking fines are adding to the stress of working through a pandemic.

She said: "I was sick of seeing on a daily basis on the ULHT Together Facebook page, staff saying 'I've received another parking notice.' It's diabolical, it's shocking and it's greatly affecting the morale of staff."

Helen says that wrong exit and entrance times and penalty notices being issued for parking in a drop off zone are the two issues that crop up the most.

ITV News has seen evidence that appeals against fines at the Hospitals have been successful.

The Trust has said that it is investigating parking complaints. Credit: ITV News

Parking Eye has said that in the two years they have been partnered with the Trust there has been significant investment in "modern consumer-facing systems which have enhanced accessibility and made parking at the hospital easier."

A statement from the company said: "At NHS sites it is vital the emergency ambulance & drop-off zones are kept clear at all times.' It goes on to say that 'staff are required to have a permit to park in the staff car parks and are asked to park in the permitted areas only."

Parking Eye also says it operates a British Parking Association audited appeals process and encourages anyone with mitigating circumstances to appeal. 

Helen said: "It's irrelevant how simple the appeals process is, staff shouldn't have to go down that route in the first place.

"It's time consuming, their regular days off are spent constantly having to appeal notices that they shouldn't have received in the first place.

"During a pandemic, they're tired, they're exhausted. I've had some staff say to me, 'I'm so tired of it, I just paid it."

The Trust says its Estates and Facilities team is undertaking a full investigation into any parking complaints and that it is meeting with Parking Eye to run through any issues relating to parking or fines raised by staff or the public.