The litter picking groups tackling the problem in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Various litter-picking groups in the Calendar region have seen rising amounts of rubbish in beauty spots since lockdown was eased.

Incidents of littering have been in the news since people have been allowed to meet up in groups of six outside, with various places in the region dealing with the issue in the last few weeks.

The Lincoln Wombles, who formed in March, collected over 500 bags of rubbish from around the city in the last month.

Becky Dunn from the group said: "Now more than ever we need people out there picking litter because we are at crisis point with litter in this country.

"We need a force for good and I'm hoping that more and more people will realise that they need to get involved."

The group have taken to TikTok to showcase the work they are doing.

Litter pickers in Sheffield. Credit: ITV News

In Sheffield, teenagers from the Reach Up youth group have been litter picking after places like Endcliffe Park were left covered in litter.

Tyrone Yeboah from the group said: "Seeing young people doing great stuff like litter picking when not many young people get out of their houses and doing stuff like this, the community is just really proud of what these young people are doing."

A lot of the litter being found by the group is dis-used PPE.

Alison Ogden-Newton, from Keep Britain Tidy, said: "It is deeply concerning that having done something as responsible as wearing PPE people are then throwing it down with no thought to who has to pick it up."

In North Yorkshire, a new campaign to tackle plastic pollution in the UK's oceans was launched today by Surfers against Sewage.

The charity hopes to inspire 100,000 people to clean up their local beach, river, street or green spaces, to clear a million miles by the end of 2021, as part of a new “million-mile clean” environmental campaign.