Prince Philip: Politicians from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire pay tribute

Credit: PA

Politicians from the Calendar region have been paying tribute to The Duke of Edinburgh in the House of Commons and Lords following his death on Friday.

Parliament was recalled this afternoon with a special session for politicians to pay tribute to Prince Philip, it was opened with a minutes silence before various MPs took to the floor.

Earlier the House of Lords had also held a session for tributes to be heard.

One of the first MPs to speak from the region was the Labour MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford Yvette Cooper.

Ms Cooper spoke of how The Duke of Edinburgh scheme for young people had succeeded where various government's attempts to create a national citizenship service had failed.

She said: "The expeditions that instilled the teamwork, leadership and resilience, the chance to learn new skills; the encouragement of physical activity; the responsibility to take up volunteering and do your duty to others - those elements were the things that he himself loved and believed in to build-up young people's confidence and opportunities.

"Subsequent governments talked often of, and tried to set-up, versions of national citizenship service for young people, but it was the Duke of Edinburgh who actually set one up back in the 1950s that has endured."

The House of Commons paused for a minute's silence before paying tribute to the Duke. Credit: PA

Earlier in the House of Lords, the former Home Secretary and MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, David Blunkett, reflected on his own experience of being a volunteer for The Duke of Edinburgh award.

He said that the volunteering aspect worked as a two-way street with both parties believing they were helping the other.

He added: "That is the way in which he encouraged young people to be able to give their service as he had given throughout his life, service to this nation and in support to her Majesty The Queen."

Other politicians giving tribute today include Hilary Benn, Dan Jarvis, Dame Diana Johnson and Imran Ahmad Khan.