European Super League: Leeds United Supporters' Trust criticise plans ahead of match against Liverpool

Leeds United Supporters' Trust have said they are "disgusted" by plans to form a European Super League by "six selfish football club owners".

In a statement that was released hours before Leeds' match against one of the clubs involved in the plans, Liverpool, the trust urged "real" football fans to stand against the plans.

The statement read: "As true football fans, Leeds fans understand the nature of competitive football.

"We understand the highs and sadly all too well the lows that sporting competition brings. The tears of relegation, the ecstatic joy of promotion.

It continued: "At Leeds United, we have had our fair share of self-interested owners, focused more on what they could take from the club rather than what was best for it.

"Thankfully at this time, we know our current owners and management are against this and believe in the value of competition and the importance of loyal fans. Long may that continue."

Fans have been protesting at Elland Road ahead of tonight's fixture. Credit: ITV News

What are the plans?

Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have all committed to forming a new "European Super League".

Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan and Internazionale Milano have also all agreed to join the league.

The group have said that the 15 "founding members" of the league (three yet to be confirmed) would never be relegated from the competition and would play every season.

Five clubs would be able to qualify each season, with the 20 teams being split into two groups of 10 who would play each other twice before a knock out phase between the top six teams.

The plans have been met with widespread criticism from fans, pundits and politicians.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said that he would be committed to blocking the proposed plans saying he would "look at everything that we can do" to stop the plans going ahead in their current form".

The boss of UEFA, Europe's governing sports body, has said that any players who take part in the proposed league would be banned from playing at future World Cups and European Championships.

The English, Spanish and Italian football federations have said that the clubs could be banned from competing in domestic competitions if the plans go ahead.

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