Frustration over covid cricket rules that stop fans watching outside of hospitality setting

There is frustration amongst local cricket fans that they can't sit around the pitch on socially distant benches to watch the sport.

Under current rules, spectators are allowed to watch the match if they are sat in the outside hospitality area of a cricket club eating and drinking.

ITV News spoke to fans at Pudsey St Lawrence Cricket Club this weekend who found it "ridiculous" that they could sit close to people in the hospitality area but not on a bench away from everybody else.

Alan Birkinshaw, of the Bradford Premier League, said: "The concession for people watching a game of cricket was that they had to be in a hospitality setting and they had to be receiving table service, which sadly rules out those people who sit on a bench with a flask and packs of sandwiches sit in their favourite spots around the ground like Tofts Road here and watch the action."

Fans say it makes no sense that they can sit in a hospitality area to watch the game but not on a bench away from other people. Credit: ITV News

Spectators cannot attend matches on private land, however, if a match was being played in a public park then people could gather in groups of up to six to watch.

Pudsey St Lawrence Cricket Club said that most matches at a local level aren't played on private land, meaning supporters of certain clubs are being penalised.

The club has said that whilst they are "delighted" to be open it is frustrating that they can't allow fans to sit around the ground to watch the cricket season.

Under the current roadmap guidelines, spectators are not allowed to attend matches on private land like this unless of course, they're in the hospitality area.

Yet this club points out that government rules people can gather in groups of up to six or two households in public parks which is where some cricket matches at this level are played."