Further 200 buildings in South Yorkshire found to have 'unsafe cladding'

1100221-high-rise building in Basingstoke-Meridian

A extra 200 buildings in South Yorkshire have been identified by the Fire and Rescue Service as having unsafe cladding which needs to be removed.

Following the Grenfell tragedy in 2017, inspections have taken place at all high-rise residential buildings in the region to find safety risks.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government say 108 buildings need to be made fire safe, but South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue believe it to be at 309 - 201 more than the government were aware of.

The service were given funding of £126,000 based on the government's finding but say more work would need to be done.

Grenfell fire Credit: PA

It's estimated up to 700,000 flat owners are continuing to face large bills for fire-safety improvements following the Grenfell disaster.

Many pay for waking watch on top of hiked insurance and are still being told they could receive the bill to remove the dangerous materials.

In February, a new £3.5bn fund was provided to help remove unsafe cladding but it was described as "utterly disappointing" by flat owners at risk of bankruptcy.

Labour also calls for a 'special task force' to be set up to help solve the cladding crisis.