National Trust inviting people in Lincolnshire to take part in 'Blossom Watch' campaign

Credit: National Trust

The National Trust in Lincolnshire is encouraging people to view and celebrate blossom as part of a new annual tradition.

The campaign takes inspiration from Japan's Hanami - the ancient tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom - and was piloted last year just after the UK went into lockdown.

The Trust are now looking to make #BlossomWatch a yearly event on social media and are inviting people to take part to "lift spirits" and enable everyone to celebrate nature.

The Trust have said that noticing nature helps people's wellbeing. Credit: National Trust

Ellie Marrian, Gardener at Belton House in Lincolnshire, said: "Chaenomeles kick off Belton’s blossom season with bright, colourful flowers crisscrossing up the walls around the estate, before tree blossom like Prunus ‘Tai-haku’ start to unfurl.

"The Japanese Cherry lines the path from the sundial to the house, a sight not to be missed – before the finale of the white hawthorn coming into flower in Belton’s Italian garden, in May."

The National Trust has said that growing evidence shows that noticing nature each day is essential for wellbeing.