The Sheffield man who carved tributes to key workers as no one could hear him clapping

A Sheffield sculptor has created a tribute to key workers across the city in the form of stone carvings.

Andrew Vickers lives and works and Loxley Valley and was worried that no one could hear him clap for key workers last year, as he lives so far away from his nearest neighbour.

Consequently, he decided to carve hearts to show his appreciation for people who worked on the front line during the pandemic.

Andrew signed the sculptures the 'Wood Nymph' to remain anonymous at the time. Credit: ITV News

The hearts were anonymously placed by Andrew on main routes throughout the city so that people could see the tributes.

He is now planning to create a "Storrs Henge" circle to create a lasting legacy to what people have been through in the last year.

The stone circle will be the final point in a five-mile-long sculpture trail linking all of the tributes that Andrew carved over the last 12 months.

Credit: ITV News