Chesterfield Canal extension gets the go ahead

  • Report by Katie Oscroft

Linking Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, it's thought Chesterfield Canal may be one of the first built in the UK, but it hasn't been fully navigable for more than a century.

Work began to restore the waterway in the late 1980's - but with plans that include a challenging 37m long aqueduct, getting the last nine miles of this historic canal back into use haven't been easy. When HS2 announced their route would cross part of the canal, negotiations had to take place to come to an agreement allowing the canal to pass under the railway.

 Organisers hope to get the go ahead to open the full 46 miles to the River Trent by the canal's 250th anniversary in 2027. The next 1.6 mile section section to Renishaw has just been approved for restoration by planners.

It's hoped new places to eat, water sports, and boat hire, will attract tourists, boosting the economy and making Chesterfield the place to visit.