Alcohol-related deaths in 2020 highest since records began

The number of alcohol-related deaths in the UK last year was the highest since 2001 when records began.

Over 5,400 people died in the UK as a result of alcohol-related causes, which is an increase of 16% on the year before according to the Office for National Statistics.

Alexander who runs an alcohol support group in Barnsley isn't surprised by those numbers, he said that the loneliness of lockdown is part of the problem.

"AA is a support group which people attend and if all of a sudden you take that away it is like people have lost a crutch," he said.

"It is a massive support to your sobriety and when those feelings come on you have people to take that through with. Without that support, there has been some relapse."

The British Liver Trust is calling for more alcohol support teams across the UK.

Professor Steve Ryder from the charity said: "I think some of that behaviour people have learnt and some of the relience they've developed on alcohol may not go away now the pubs have opened.

"Treatment for alcohol problems is really successful, but people need to have access to it."

The government have said they are giving more than £3.2billion to local authorities to spend on public health services.

Where you can go for help and support if you are struggling with alcohol: